Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What varieties of blueberries do you have?

A: Wilmot Orchards has nine varieties of Highbush blueberries; they include Blue Jay, Blue Ray, Jersey, Patriot, Berkeley, Duke, Nelson Blue Crop and Toro

Q: What is the difference between the blueberry varieties?

A: The main difference is the time during the season that they ripen allowing us to offer our customers berries for up to six weeks.

The berries that ripen later in the season are sweeter because they stay on the bushes longer; however, they are smaller. The earlier varieties producing larger berries are more ‘tart’ , because they have not spent as much time on the bushes.

Taste is all up to the individual. All the blueberries taste wonderful; some people just prefer a more tart tasting berry and others, a sweeter variety.

Become a blueberry connoisseur and decide what your favourite tasting blueberries are. Come and pick often during the season. Although it is good to pick and freeze, freshly picked blueberries are a wonderful healthy treat.

Q: Do you spray the berries with anything?

A: We use the minimum amount of both organic and conventional crop protection materials to provide you with safe and quality berries.

Q: Is there somewhere we can enjoy the lunch we brought with us?

A: Our cafe and patio seating are reserved for customers that have purchased treats from Appleberries Cafe. There are many parks in the area including Orono ParkDarlington Provincial Park, and Cobourg Beach, where you can enjoy your lunch.

Q: Why am I picking in a different area of the patch than I did during my last visit?

A: Because we have 9 different varieties between our two patches, a different variety may have rippened in between your visits and that is where the best picking is available for that day.

Q: When are your apples ready and can we go into the orchard?

A: We do not sell our apples to the public. They are strictly sold commerically to packers and then into the grocery stores. Apple season begins at the end of August. Because of the overlap in our apple and blueberry seasons, as well as our involvement in the Food Safety and Traceability program, for safety reasons we ask that customers do not go into the orchard or pick any of our apples.

Q: Can we bring our pets to your farm?

A: While we love pets, we ask that you do not bring them to the farm. If you are on the way back from the cottage and your dog is already in the car, you may bring your dog out as long as it is on a leash and does not enter the patch. Certified service dogs, of course, are exceptions to this rule.

Q: Do you take debit or credit cards ?

A: We accept cash, cheques and debit cards. We do not accept credit cards.

Q: Are you wheelchair accessible ?

A: Yes. Our patches are grassed and we have accommodated wheelchairs in the past. In our cafe, we have one wheelchair accessible washroom for your convenience. Staff will be happy to assist you.

Q: How old are the bushes?

A: In the east patch the bushes, in front of the cafe, are about 10 years old. The bushes at the south end of the patch are about 5 years old and the bushes directly behind the cafe were planted in 2006. In the older patch some of the bushes are 20 years old.

Q: How do you care for the plants?

A: Once established the bushes are easy to care for. In the spring the winter damaged branches are removed. The bushes need a low pH level and we use trickle irrigation to make sure that the plants get the water that they need. We are conscious of the environment and practice sound farming principles. If the plants are cared for properly they can produce berries for 25 to 30 years.

Q: What is the white powdery stuff on the berries ?

A: The white stuff on the berries is just a protective coating that the berries produce themselves

Q: Do you sell blueberry bushes?

A: We do not sell blueberry bushes. If you would like to try growing blueberries at home, many nurseries and garden stores sell blueberry bushes, so check your local stores.

Nestled in the rolling hills of Newcastle Ontario, Wilmot Orchards is
like a little bit of ‘Provence’. When you come to the farm you will agree
that Wilmot Orchard blueberries are wonderful, not only great tasting,and healthy, the whole farm looks like a work of art !

Blueberry pickers head out, following the signs
that point to the best blueberry picking of the day.

Wilmot Orchards Inc.

3337 Concession Road 3
Newcastle ON  L1B 1L9

Blueberry Season Hours

Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
Friday - Saturday - Sunday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Picking ends 1/2 hour before farm closing

Farm Etiquette

Smoke Free Farm
Please Pay For Berries Before Eating
No Pets, Service Animals Exempt
No Outside Food on Farm Property
No Bus Groups

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